Floral Pants

Would you wear floral pants? The secret to styling them is pairing them with a basic, neutral top or blazer. And I love the leopard heels in the last image {all about mixing prints}.
Get Olivia Palermo’s version here.
$14.95 version here.
My personal favorite here.
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24 comments on “Floral Pants

  1. Love them all! I tried to get some at H&M but they were so ill fitting. I need to hunt some down!!!

    Xoxo Elizabeth

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  2. I’m just not sold for me {which seems to kind of be the common among your other readers too}. I mean, these ladies look fantastic, but it’s such a bold look. I worry my uncertainty would show right through and I couldn’t pull them off.

  3. I don’t know- they’re cute in theory but I just don’t know if I could pull them off! It could be one of the trends that grows on me, we’ll see. OP always looks fantastic!

  4. I really wanted the H&M pair and sent my sister hunting for them since we don’t have one, but they were unfortunately sold out in my size. I’d definitely be onto this trend if I could get it inexpensively!

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