My Grandparents

While I was home over Christmas and New Years, we started going through old photos of my grandparents. I remember seeing these pictures as a little girl, but I never really got how special they were until I got older. My grandfather was a U.S. Senator and throughout his lifetime got to travel throughout the world and meet some incredible people. He and my Grandma had the most incredible stories.  They’ve both passed now, but I love this piece of history that’s in my family’s past.

Jackie O.

41 comments on “My Grandparents

  1. Oh my god- these are incredible!! I’ll be trying to spot your grandparents in history photos from now on haha! And your grandmothers dresses are amazing too:-)

  2. These pictures are so great!
    So awesome that you have all of these memories documented :)

    That’s pretty sweet that you’re grandpa was a Senator…crazy!


  3. Your grandparents are adorable. I love them and the signs that they are holding. Hehe!It made me laugh and reminds e of m grandparents as well who both has strong opinions about politics and politicians.

    Frank Damon

  4. It’s an honor to have a grandfather who was once a senator of the United States of America. You must be really proud of him, Natalie. How thoughtful of you and Matt to save all these photos – they are worth keeping mementos, indeed. Not to mention, most of his pictures were with John F. Kennedy. By the way, your grandparents’ picture together looks so great!

    Cara Larose

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