19 comments on “Winter Survival Guide

  1. I’m definitely that girl that’s always cold. Even though LA doesn’t get that cold I always find myself doing layers upon layers during the winter months. Lovely collages.

  2. i love that brown leather jacket from the layering pic.

    my trick is to layer, layer, layer… and always have a beanie in my bag for extra cold situation!

  3. The layering, for sure! On any given day in the winter, you’ll see me in at least, two sweaters and a scarf under a heavy coat. I also like to carry hand-warmers with me because my hands are always cold, even with gloves on. Couldn’t survive the cold without ’em!

  4. These are all perfectly stylish winter survival tips! Layering is definitely essential! I also have to wear gloves…I finally found the perfect fingerless pair…chunky cable knit cashmere :) They keep my hands and wrists super warm and stylish & I can still function on my iPhone! xoxoxo brynn

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