Dining Room Dreaming

Dining room wishlist:
+ A big, wooden farmhouse table to seat lots and lots of guests
+ A ghost chair or two
+ A big chandelier (or a cool industrial light) to hang over the table

What’s in your dream dining room? Or do you already have it?

images via my Pinterest

18 comments on “Dining Room Dreaming

  1. I so wish that my dining room was the largest room in my house. I would love to have a long table with multiple fixtures above it like the first image. I CAN check off big industrial light, though. :) And I’d like a Ghost chair or two.

  2. I am on the find of a beautiful chandelier to welcome my guests this Christmas!.. ghosts chairs.. I would love to, I love them but I see that kind of impossible from my husband’s approval!

  3. z gallerie has a gorgeous long wood table- it’s incredibly fabulous and i dream of owning one and pairing it with velvet chairs –ahhh :) but table #2 is pretty awesome in my book too

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