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As promised, some recent finds on eBay. I’m convinced if you’re looking for something specific, sooner or later it will turn up on eBay. Its easily turned into one of my favorite shopping sites.

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48 comments on “On eBay

  1. love love LOVE the zara pumps. in a i-must-buy kind of way. also keen on the madewell scarf & pourlavictoire wedges… what i’m saying here is, i pretty much love everything you’ve listed here – great stuff!

  2. So glad I found your blog, It’s super cute and I am AMAZED with your ebay finds.

    I actually purchased a Marc Jacobs bucket bag (yah.. I can’t exactly remember what its called haha) on there for 115$ instead of the nordstrom pricetag of 450$!

    Gotta love ebay.


  3. great finds, girlfriend! that madewell scarf is amazing! gosh, don’t you love ebay? it’s genius and it’s an absolute lifesaver sometimes when you’re looking for something that’s not being made anymore.

  4. Oh wow!! I’ve yet to get into the ebay thing, buying or selling, but always said i wanted to. More into selling, but looking at your finds, I’m definitely going to stop there!! Those nude wedges are divine! I love pourlavictore. nice share my dear!

  5. OH MY GOD there is a reason i typed that in caps. OH MY GOD!! i’ve been dying over the zara and pour la victoire shoes FOREVER. i’m going to hunt some down in my size now….eeekkkkkk i hope i find some!!

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