Color Palette

I have tons of pictures that I’ve saved that I’ve used for inspiration as I decorate our apartment. This room  found in Rue has been my latest inspiration. I’m loving the colors! I want to try to re-create this color palette in our living room: I love how she mixes browns and blacks, whites and creams, silver and gold. Just perfect. 
P.S. The rest of her home is equally as beautiful, go have a look!
Happy weekend!

30 comments on “Color Palette

  1. good pic- i love those fluffy white (fur?) pillows on the white chairs.

    you’re really teasing us with all your inspiration photos! can’t wait to see your place!!

  2. Natalie, just wanted to tell you I sent you a stylish blogger award on my last post :) Even though I’m a fairly new follower, I love your blog. It is so pretty.

  3. absolutely beautiful! i think colour palettes like these are my faves. that table is amazing! i cannot wait to be decorating my own house! i hope you had a lovely valentines day :) x

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