Currently: Loving vintage-y trays and the art of arranging on them. Planning a visit to some thrift and antique shops to look for the perfect one!

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  1. So funny, I bought two vintage trays from the goodwill a few weeks ago and now I’m seeing them everywhere! They had them at Marshall’s so maybe you could try there? The only downside to the ones I got at goodwill was there was no base, so I need to add a mirror to them + spray paint. I’ll post them when I’m done! xoxo

  2. my friend gave me a vintage drinks tray with a british flag design on it a few weeks ago, and i loved arranging my perfumes, sunglasses, and jewelry on it. <3

  3. i love vintage-y trays too! i was at my grandmas house today and she has some amazing ones. the ones you have shared are soo nicee! goodluck finding a perfect one :) xx

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