Home {Is Wherever I’m With You}

Today is Matt and I’s one month married anniversary! (I’m trying to get over my phobia of posting pictures of myself on the internet, so here is a picture of us on our second date in March of 2009).

Our relationship has been really unique in that we’re living apart until December, when I will graduate from college and move out to be with him on the West Coast. Until then, we’ve been seeing each other once every two to three weeks, but the times in between I miss him like crazy.

Though we’re used to long distance (we’ve been flying across the country- and even across the world, when I studied abroad for a semester in Australia- for our entire relationship), it is definitely true that “distance makes the heart grow fonder,” and we are anxiously counting down the days until December 12 when I will walk across that stage.
There are 3,000 miles between us, but that’s never stopped Matt or I from wanting to be together. So far in our relationship, between the two of us, we’ve traveled a total of 96,500 miles (Matt did the math…ha!) Eh…seems like nothin’ when you’re in love. :)
Now, listen and love.

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  1. thats really sweet. Actually ive been married just coming up to a month…actually i think it might be a month too.
    Also like you, we’ve been apart for most of our relationship too. I’m from the UK and he’s from the US. Im in the US now, and its really taking some adjusting to (on my part)not having the distance thing!
    :) nice blog btw too , ive been following for a while but i dont think ive ever written a comment…WEIRD! lol :) (dont mind me, its late here andi m rambling) lol .

  2. your picture is so cute! I’m totally with you on the distance..mark and i spent our whole 4 years of college across the country from eachother (texas and michigan)…and we didn’t really see eachother over the summers :(
    we’ve found that it has taught us better things though – it’s a unique experience to be so far away from the one you love!

  3. I definitely have that phobia as well! And Congrats :) My A and I went long distance for almost our whole relationship until we got married- by year 5 I was so sick of it and so relieved when we finally moved in together. It will be so worth the wait!!

  4. First, thank you for becoming a follower of my blog, I definitely am going to return the favor!

    Also, this post had me completely captivated! I’ve been married a little over 2 years now, and I can’t imagine having to live apart for a few months while being married. But I’m sure that day in December when you come home for good, will be one of the best days in your life!

    And you two look so cute together in that photo!!

  5. You two are ADORABLE. Funny, my husband and I did the long distance thing a full year before we were married – we didn’t spend more than 11 straight days in the same city before we got married!! He was in CA, me in TX. You can make ANYTHING work, if you want it bad enough! :)

  6. Happy Month-iversary to you & your husband! Cheers to many months that turn into years that turn into a lifetime. As a season married women [of three months] every month is better than the last.

  7. I know exactly what you mean and are going through!

    My unexpected love, as I refer to my boyfriend, and I are apart while he is in grad school at the University of Texas in Austin and I am in Los Angeles and are trying to see each other at least every 2 months and my first trip out to see him since I moved him in in August is 2 weeks from today!

    I might have to start calculating the miles we rack up too, like Matt did with yours! :) All the best to you both!

    Liesl :)

  8. You and your husband are so cute! You didn’t by chance go to Curtin University while you were in Australia did you? I’m thinking about going there next year. It’s a long shot but I figured I’d ask. :)

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