In My Closet: Louis Vuitton Keepall




Continuing my In My Closet series, I told you I had a special package arrive from Vestiaire Collective — this was it! I love Vestiaire Collective and find myself browsing their new arrivals during my lunch break. I found this {very vintage} LV Keepall and am loving it — it will be perfect for weekend getaways. This is one of the bags that ages well and looks better as it gets more worn in, a perfect reason to buy it secondhand and vintage {read: less expensive}. I’m thinking about getting some leather balsam to spruce up the leather a little bit.

{P.S. Bedding sources are as follows: bedding, bonsoir pillow cases, leopard pillow.}

12 comments on “In My Closet: Louis Vuitton Keepall

  1. Such a great investment purchase and I completely agree with you about how great it looks after being worn a bit. It just looks better year after year! Any tips for newbies like me shopping Vestiaiare? I’ve checked it out a few times but I don’t quite understand how it works…

  2. Oh my! congrats and this fabulous purchase. This is something I’ve always wanted to buy too. The perfect weekender:) On a different not, I adore your bed! This makes for perfect pics, my friend. Totally stylish bed and the best caryall of all time.
    Love it!
    XO, Gina

  3. I just got the Bandouliere 55 at Christmas and I love it! I did buy mine new from the store so it’s gonna take awhile before it gets to the “worn in” look. It seriously matches everything and I feel like it pulls your entire travel outfit together.

    Yours looks great!!

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