Central Park + High Line

The weather this weekend was beautiful! We took full advantage and spent all day Saturday in Central Park. We rented row boats {Thank you, Zoë for the tip!} and finished off the day with cupcakes on the Upper East Side. On Sunday we checked out the High Line, a park converted from old railroad tracks that overlook the city. The more time we spend in this city the more we fall in love with it.
How was your weekend?


25 comments on “Central Park + High Line

  1. Oh I already want to go back to NYC! Your pictures are beautiful. What a wonderful way to enjoy the city. We went in December, so it was pretty chilly, especially for us Texans. :) We visited Central Park but just on the edge to see a glimpse of it and did not go to the High Line. You make me want to visit during a warmer month to see the city this way! Glad you had an amazing time!!

  2. It looks like y’all had so much fun. I haven’t been to Central Park since I was a little girl. And the high line is really cool! Great pics. xoxo Elizabeth

  3. the high line sounds amazing! can you guys please adopt me so i can move to nyc with you! and you are crazy not to do outfit posts – you always look so cute!

  4. you pretty much did all my favorite things to do in NYC! including cupcakes.cupcakes are always a must. I need to get to the highline since its getting to be beautiful weather!

  5. it’s always so fun to see what’s new on your blog and see pics of you guys! hopefully we can come visit you soon. juney needs some aunty nat & uncle pants time.:)

  6. I was in Central Park all day on Saturday too. The weather was absolutely perfect.

    These pictures are beautiful and I love the High Line too, especially because there’s a Beer Garden below it :)

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